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GPS Tracker Mobile Watch

GPS Locator Watch
GPS Locator Watch
GPS Tracker Mobile Watch is an amazing device which gives latitudinal and longitudinal position of your assets. Later, through your laptop or computer you can view the located position on Google map. The beauty of this device is that it also has an option for calling. So while in emergency, you can communicate silently with your relatives or friends. Through this device you can dial 3 mobile numbers.

After sending an SMS to this device, it provides the exact location of the asset to which it is attached. Thus, you can keep an eye on your loved ones. It also has an SOS button which is an emergency call button. Whenever you are in an emergency just press the SOS button and automatically it will call to your preferred emergency number. The device basically made for spy agents, reporters and other covert operations. To switch it on, insert a quad band SIM inside the device and switch it on. It will transmit the real location to you. The device is ideal for the people who are away from their home. Time to time they can give their locations to their loved ones and can also communicate.
Rs. 5,999/-

  • Screen: 1.5 Inch LCD Display
  • Main Function: GPS Cellphone Watch (Quad band)
  • Work Temperature: -20 to +65 Degree Celsius
  • On Board Buttons:
    • ON/OFF
    • Mode
    • SOS
    • Call 1
    • Call 2
  • GPS Display Information: Time & Date, Longitude, Latitude, Speed, Angle
  • Battery Life:
    • Talk Time: Up to 2.5 hours
    • Stand By: Up to 80 hours

  • Tracking and Calling
  • Emergency button (SOS)
  • Call option
  • Investigation purpose
  • Online India
  • Emergency situations
  • Personal usage
  • Keeping an eye on your precious assets
  • Security of your loved ones.